eLearn Punjab android application

By | March 2, 2019

eLearn Punjab android application.

eLearn.Punjab is an Educational android application for an official store of digitized perusing material of Punjab. Each book has been amplified with Video Lectures, Illustrations, Animations, Simulations, and Interactive Assessments. Through this Android Application, you can get up to 28 Science course and books for 6-twelfth Grade, which have been developed with the 13,047 Video Lectures, 592 Simulations, 2100 Audio minutes and 1,830 Animations. eLearn.


Punjab is made by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) as a group with Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board and the School Education Department (SED).Vehicle Verification Punjab Check-Sindh-Islamabad-KPK

The features of the App are:

  • The Science and Maths Grade 6-12
  • The ninth-tenth Practical books
  • The Audiobooks
  • Quizzes on all science subject
  • The Animated Videos and Video addresses
  • The Simulation


These entire features are helpful for both teacher and student. They can get help from this plate form at the time of difficulty during studying. The purposes of this application are to decrease the expenditure of parents who are poor. This also reduces the tuitions activity. The students which are living in those areas where the quality of education is not better than this platform help him very well. The girls which are not joining the school this application also help her very well.


The organization is moreover available on Web application and Website to cook the need of open free to move around at will. The application covers all the learning thoughts for (6-twelfth Grade) Science and Maths, by offering access to sensible learning, eLearn.Punjab has some great occasions. One of the unique features is Audiobooks, checking out book accounts while doing errands or while in a rush is an exceptional technique to make use of your time.

This application also helps the student when they cannot attend the class due to some reason or family busyness. At last, this is a unique app for all the subject.

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